Katsube sensei and Shimura sensei of JKF Wadokai

Thank you for visiting the website of Manchester JKF Wadokai and Didsbury Karate Club.                   

The club is a not-for-profit group and is open to anyone (minimum 12 years of age).


Whether you want to get fit, build confidence, meet new friends, learn something new or resume karate practice then you are welcome to come along and join us.  The first two lessons are free and we only charge a nominal monthly training fee after that.


The club is an official branch dojo of the JKF Wadokai as well as a member of the England Karate Federation (EKF). 
We train in the MMU Sports Centre on the Didsbury campus. Training is held three times a week and members can train as often as they want.

You can see what this karate is about here on our youtube channel