What is JKF Wado Kai?


JKF Wado Kai is the original Japanese group which continue the karate practice of Otsuka Hironori (1892 - 1982). It is widely trained amongst university clubs in Japan. JKF is the Japanese national sports body for karate. In Japan there is only one Wadokai group, but in the west there are many groups who like to use the name "Wadokai" hence we use the full name of "JKF Wadokai" to identify that what we practise is the authentic Japanese technique.


JKF Wadokai karatedo is based on clear principles. Firstly, how to use your body correctly avoiding unnecessary movement or strength. Second, how to position yourself relative to your opponent. Third, correctly timed movement. When these elements are combined they make extremely effective tactics which can be used by women and men of any size. 


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JKF Wadokai seminar: Shimura sensei and Katsube sensei demonstrating throwing technique. Wado karate includes some throwing techniques which come from its jujutsu heritage.