Seminars and Events


England, 28 + 29 September 2013: JKF Wadokai seminar, dan grading and instructor license test up to 6th Dan. Hosted by Sakagami sensei with grading headed by Takagi sensei from the JKF Wadokai Technical Committee. Instructor list:


Hideho Takagi 8th Dan

Chiaki Shimamoto 8th Dan

Masahito Kitagawa 8th Dan

Masamichi Shinohara 8th Dan

Tamaki Sonoda 7th Dan

Koichi Shimura 7th Dan (JKF Wadokai Secretary General)

Yoshinorio Matsui 8th Dan (JKF Wadokai Chairman)



Details can be found here.


Switzerland Seminar September 2013


The Swiss Wadokai Karatedo Renmei hosted a seminar with Takagi sensei over the weekend of 6/7/8 September. It was very well attended with visitors travelling from Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. Here are some pictures on their facebook page.


Previous Events


In June 2013, Katsube sensei and Kato sensei taught a seminar in Teesside for the members of the All Britain Wadokai group. About 60 people participated in two excellent days of hard training on one of the hottest weekends of the year.


Tyne Tees JKF Wadokai and Manchester JKF Wadokai arranged three major seminars in 2012. These have been well attended by groups from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Ireland.


In March 2012 we hosted the JKF Wadokai General Secretary, Shimura sensei 7th Dan and executive board member Katsube sensei 7th Dan, for their second Manchester seminar. See full report here.


In May 2012, Shingo Ohgami sensei 8th Dan gave a weekend seminar in Teesside. This seminar provided an opportunity for karateka take the JKF Wadokai Dan grading. See report here.


Most recently, in September 2012, Takagi sensei 8th Dan and Kato sensei 7th Dan made their first visit to the UK as guests of Tyne Tees JKF Wadokai. A full report is provided here and some films are also available to see on Youtube here.