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You can view our films here as well as links to some other films of leading JKF Wadokai karateka.



Takagi Hideho 8th Dan


One of the top Shihan of Wadokai karate, a direct student of Arimoto sensei and Otsuka sensei, his karate is quite awe inspiring to watch and more so to be on the receiving end. Here are some films of him taken in seminars filmed in Switzerland 2011 and England 2012:




Seishan and Chinto kata

This clip shows a nice clear performance of seishan kata by Khoji Okumachi, a student of Arakawa sensei. You can also see him performing chinto kata. Okumachi sensei teaches in Tokyo and still trains weekly with Toru Arakawa.

Here is Arakawa sensei demonstrating chinto from the Wadokai Kata series dvd and finally, a short film from a training session at our Didsbury dojo with Katsube sensei explaining part of the kata.
Tanto dori - knife defence

This is one of a series of clips of one our teachers, Dr Hakoishi sensei with his student Sachio Hayasaka 5th Dan explaining Wadoryu tanto dori (knife defence) techniques. The clips are from a Tokyo seminar held in 2008.


Some karate groups who are active in JKF Wadokai:
Wadokai Karate Federation - Tyne Tees JKF Wadokai with clubs across Teesside and County Durham, led by Leo McDermott 5th Dan, Tracy Foster 5th Dan and Graham Chilton 5th Dan.

Svenska Wadokai -  Swedish JKF Wado Kai, led by top instructor Shingo Ohgami sensei 8th Dan.


Keady JKF Wadokai - a karate club in Northern Ireland who are following the traditional training methods of JKF Wadokai.


Swiss Wadokai Karatedo Renmei - the karate group of Roberto Danubio 7th Dan.


China Wadokai - the JKF Wadokai representative group in China and Hong Kong. 


New Zealand Wadokai - JKF Wadokai group led by Robbie Smith, 7th Dan. Robbie is the only non-Japanese to hold the 1st kyu instructor license too.


Tokai Wadokai - this website of the regional JKF Wadokai group for Tokai region in Japan (covers the four regions of Shizouka, Gifu, Aichi and Mie). Matsui sensei, Kitagawa sensei and Shimamoto sensei are amongst the teachers in this region.